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If you’re looking for a level 6 paraplanner, then you need the Nomad Paraplanner.

How am I qualified to level 6?

In 2014, I achieved a distinction in the CISI level 6 Certificate in Private Client Investment Advice and Management. You can find out more about what this qualification involves at cisi.org.

When looking for a high-calibre level 6 paraplanner for your financial services business, you need to widen your focus from purely professional qualifications.

Here are 5 key reasons why you should hire this level 6 paraplanner to help you provide an exceptional service to your clients:

1. Professional knowledge

So we’ve established that I have professional qualifications to a level 6 standard. However when you view the breadth of my professional qualifications below, you can see my knowledge is wide ranging. I have an array of technical knowledge that will ensure any research is thorough, and your content is correct and compliant.

2. Experience

I’m experienced in a broad range of financial products and client scenarios. Previously, i’ve developed inheritance tax planning report templates, retirement guides and financial planning reports. I’ve also researched investment funds and other financial products.

3. It’s a vocation

This is a vocation for me. This means that I always go above and beyond the basics necessary to complete my work. I’ve read a vast array of material beyond the official text and continue to read and develop my skills.

4. Design skills

I’ve incorporated design into my work to ensure that any content produced is engaging, visually appealing and is in-keeping with your brand requirements. I’m passionate about client reports and feel they need to be well-designed and engaging documents, not compliance focused legal small print. Check out my FREE insight report guide to find out how you can improve your reports.

5. Author

I’m an aspiring author. Presently i’m researching and writing several financial books. The main ones that may interest you are ‘Don’t Lose Your Shirt’, a book on investment risk, and ‘Beyond Borders’, a book which explores global financial planning and allocation of your capital. Researching for these books further develops my understanding of financial topics and enhances my writing abilities.

Here’s a more in-depth overview of my professional skills and experience. This further illustrates why you should hire me to improve the service your clientele receive.

Mark Underdown

The Nomad Paraplanner, A level 6 qualified freelance paraplanner

Level 6 Paraplanner – Professional Qualifications Overview

  • CISI Private Client Investment Advice and Management (Distinction)
  • CFA UK Investment Management Certificate
  • CII J04 Pension Funding Options
  • CII J05 Pension Income Options
  • CII J01 Personal Taxation
  • CII J06 Investment Principles Markets and Environment (Merit)
  • CII R01 Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics
  • IFS CeFA Certificate in Financial Advice
  • IFS CeMap Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice
  • IFS CeRGI Certificate in Regulated General Insurance

Going beyond official study


  • I read a broad range of blogs, white papers and books on personal finance and investing as illustrated by the picture of my personal bookcase.
  • I’ve started to take some coursera online courses to develop my knowledge, such as the Yale financial markets course (86% grade).
  • I’m currently researching and writing a few financial related books.

Remote working from my roaming laptop


Technology allows me to work from anywhere. The location of my office may change, but the work will remain consistently at a high level due to the equipment at my disposal. This means there’s no need to pay for office space, a desk, computer equipment, sick-pay etc. You simply pay an agreed fee for high quality work.

Wide Range of Experience

At Retirement Options

  • Retirement Options Report
  • Capped Drawdown Recommendation
  • Conventional and Enhanced Annuities
  • Flexible Income Annuities
  • Drawdown Ongoing Review Reports

Retirement Planning

  • Pension transfer report
  • Tax relief overview of pension contributions
  • Carry forward of pension annual allowance
  • Defined Benefit pension reviews
  • Divorce Pension Sharing
  • SIPPS to hold Commercial Property

Investment Planning

  • Investment Portfolio Reviews and Investment Switching
  • Assisted with bulk switching of Discretionary Portfolios
  • Investment Portfolio Factsheet Creation
  • Investment Reports for Trustees to manage Trust Assets
  • Offshore Bonds
  • Change of Investment Platform
  • Transfer Analysis
  • Endowment Policies and With Profits Reviews
  • Junior ISAs

At Retirement Options

  • Retirement Options Report
  • Capped Drawdown Recommendation
  • Conventional and Enhanced Annuities
  • Flexible Income Annuities
  • Drawdown Ongoing Review Reports


  • Life and Critical Illness Term Assurance
  • Income Protection
  • Business Key Person Cover
  • Whole of Life and Gift Inter Vivos for IHT Planning

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